Dental Veneers

At Horbury Dental Care we encourage patients in search of a dentist that specialises in dental veneers and other cosmetic procedures to turn their attention to our friendly, family run dental practice. 

A veneer is a thin shield of porcelain that is used to cover the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are designed as a permanent way to change or enhance the look of stained, chipped, broken, or otherwise undesired teeth.

Veneers at Horbury Dental


The teeth's appearance using veneers can often be dramatically improved with minimal tooth preparation. Many veneer procedures can be done with the use of little or no local anaesthetic. Veneers may be used cosmetically to resurface teeth in order to make them appear straighter and possess a more aesthetically pleasing alignment. In such cases veneers may be a quick way to improve the appearance of teeth without needing to use orthodontics. 


To summarise, dental veneers are often used to treat:

• Teeth that are discoloured -- either because of root canal treatment; stains from tetracycline or other drugs, excessive fluoride or other causes; or the presence of large resin fillings that have discoloured the tooth

• Teeth that are worn down

• Teeth that are chipped or broken

• Teeth that are misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped (for example, have craters or bulges in them)

• Teeth with gaps between them (to close the space between these teeth).


Benefits of using dental veneers include the following:

• They provide a natural tooth appearance

• Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well

• Porcelain veneers are stain resistant

• The colour of a porcelain veneer can be selected such that it makes dark teeth appear whiter

• Veneers offer a conservative approach to changing a tooth's colour and shape -- veneers generally don't require the extensive shaping prior to the procedure that crowns do, yet offer a stronger, more aesthetic alternative.

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