Our patients love what we do here at Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic. Here's what some of our patients have to say about us below....





"Dear Nick, just a brief note to say thank you, the amazing results with my recent implants were well worth it. The results are better than I could have hoped for. Damage done by my school dentist 50 years ago is now sorted out. No more faulty bridge or dodgy dentures. A smile with confidence! Many thanks and best wishes."
S. Davies 




Dear James,

My grateful thanks to yourself and the staff at Horbury Implant Clinic. Your patience and kindness during my treatment was much appreciated and also the ongoing care. I am delighted with the results of the implant surgery, they look part of me! Unless I choose to tell, no-one is aware I have several 'false' teeth. It is wonderful to be able to smile for a photograph again. Something I have avoided doing for far too long. Your skill and professionalism is excellent and to be recommended.

Again many thanks




For many years Sarah suffered from very bad gum disease (Gingivitis or Periodontal disease). Her teeth had become loose and crooked and Sarah also found it painful to eat. In the video Sarah explains that they didn't look attractive and that she had become increasingly self aware of her teeth.

Sarah has a customer facing job and her colleagues had noticed that before her dental treatment, she used to hide her mouth with her hand while she was talking. During the four years before her treatment Sarah's teeth had progressively worsened. She was devastated at the prospect of wearing dentures. Once the alternative of Dental Implants was offered to Sarah, she visited Mark Willings at Horbury Dental Care and Implant Clinic.

Over a period of 18 months Sarah describes the experience as "Amazing"



"To Mark and all the staff, I had 6 implants in my lower jaw in 2009. I have now had 4 more in my upper jaw. What more could be said for such expertise work and care from you all. I would not hesitate in advising anyone to have implants put in, many thanks, you are a great team."

B. Thomas 

I would Just like to say a big thank you to Nick Lane and his team at Horbury Dental clinic.

I lost front teeth after an assault and went to see Nick. Nick talked me through the different options and told me
about the implant procedure and re assured me he would keep me out of pain.
I started my treatment and soon found out Nick had a very calm manner that put me at ease from the start. All the way
through my implant procedure I was never in any pain. Nick fitted me some temporary teeth and to be honest I would not have been dissatisfied if he said they were my permanent ones, they were that nice.
On Nick putting my permanent set in they felt like my own teeth straight away. I cannot thank Nick and his team enough for what they have done for me. The receptionists are particularly nice and helpful when you first arrive.

Anybody who wants nice teeth should call Horbury dental clinic.

Thank you.

I. Facey




John received an injury to his two front teeth many years ago. They changed colour and after a while they were removed. For many years John wore dentures, but never became accustomed to them. He found that they affected his speech and prevented him from enjoying his food. He was very self conscious of it.

Over the years he has tried many different stop gap solutions until being referred to Horbury Dental Care and Implant Clinic.

Watch the video to hear John explain how his implant has improved his life.



"I am delighted with the result of the work you have done on my front teeth. As you know I was extremely nervous about the procedure and want to say thank you for your patience and for the wonderful final effect you achieved, they look so natural. Now I finally have the perfect smile! Really glad I came to you, I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having dental implants! Wishing you all the best."






When Tracy was 11 she chipped one of her front teeth. The damage to her tooth became worse over many years. Her dentist tried to save her tooth on many occasions but she was in constant pain and discomfort. For many years Tracy has had a denture on a brace. She was very unhappy with the comfort and the aesthetics of this prosthetic, and it was difficult to keep in place, she also found it hard to eat certain foods.

Eventually her dentist suggested she should look into the option of having a Dental Implant. After a consultation, the procedure was carried out by Mark Willings at Horbury Dental Care and Implant Clinic. Watch the video and let Tracy tell you how it has changed her life.



"Absolutely fabulous service from all the staff. Warm, friendly, courteous & very professional. As for Nick....what can I say? I would recommend him to anyone. My implant has really made a difference to my life and it has been worth every penny. Very happy - thank you!"






John visited James Hudson after his hygienist had expressed concern about the overall health of his gums. John had smoked for many years, and although his teeth were in good condition, he had no idea of the damage he was causing to his gums.

John describes how after an initial consultation James began the task of improving Johns overall oral hygiene. Once this had been stabilized they worked out a program of treatment.

Although concerned at first, once the treatment began John really enjoyed it, in the video John explains how much better and healthier he feels today now the work is completed.


"To Mark & the team, thank you for making the implant process an easy experience. All the staff have been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Many thanks."

A. Exley


"James, thank you for a wonderful job on my teeth! Lovely staff."

M. Lucas


"Nick and the staff have provided a wonderful service with my implant. Nick put a very frightened patient at ease. Excellent! Thank you so much."

N. Lyons


"To everyone at Horbury Implant Clinic, thank you for taking time on my difficult case and producing fantastic results. Thank you for all your time, hard work & professionalism. I have been on a long journey and it wouldn't have been possible to complete it without Mark, Nick and all the staff involved. Once again, thank you for everything you have done."

H. Sutton

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