We look forward to welcoming you back to Horbury Dental Care

Dentistry during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This information will guide you through our new processes, so we can keep you safe and smiling!

You will receive a text message the day before your appointment to screen for any Covid-19 symptoms. If you develop any symptoms please call the practice to reschedule your appointment.  (All information will be treated in the strictest confidence).We may take a prepayment at this stage.

Please do not bring any excess items, such as extra bags or shopping.

Your Appointment

  • Please attend your appointment alone – we are trying to restrict the number of visitors into the practice. If you need to attend with your child or escort an elderly/vulnerable/ dependent person, please can we ask that only one carer or responsible adult attends with the patient.
  • When you visit the practice it is important that you wear a face mask.
  • Please attend your appointment on time and not too early. Space in the building is limited and we are restricting access.
  • Please present outside the main door of the Practice where you will be greeted by one of our team. 
  • Upon entry to the building your temperature will be recorded. Anyone with a temperature of greater than 37.8 will not be allowed to enter.
  • Once you enter the building, please sanitise your hands as instructed.
  • You will be guided to the dental surgery chair and asked to sit and wait for the dentist to join you.
  • Your Dentist, Hygienist and Nurse will all be wearing additional Protective clothing to keep you safe and secure – it is still us underneath! We have new Decontamination procedures in place to keep you safe from the Covid 19 virus.
  • After treatment we will escort you to the door and unlock this to let you out. Payments will be taken over the telephone either before of after the appointment.

We are trying to minimise the time that patients spend in the practice and minimising contact with other people – interactions will be kept as few as possible. We are trying to remove the need for patients waiting in the waiting rooms by spacing appointments out and reducing patients throughput quite dramatically. We will also only be running half the number of clinics.

Thus by running fewer clinics and booking longer appointment times we have reduced our capacity to 1/3 normal. This does unfortunately mean that not all of our services are available and we are having to prioritise treatment.

I hope that this information reassures you that we are working hard to keep you safe when you come to visit us.

Safety Procedures for Safe Dentistry

Please click on the link to download our Horbury Dental Care- What To Expect document which explains the safety procedures we are putting in place to protect our patients and our staff.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us – your safety and comfort are our priority

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