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October 2018 – Revolutionising Implant Techniques

Mark, James and Nick have recently visited the offices of Patrick Palacci in Marseilles, in France. Dr Palacci is a world-renowned implant surgeon and has written many text books on the subject of hard and soft tissue management in implant cases.

The course was a two-day course, with Dr Palacci demonstrating all of his techniques with live surgery on patients. The course was ably supported by Professor Ulf Nanamar who gave us presentations of the scientific research theory behind many of the techniques that Dr Palacci was demonstrating.

The course was intense and included a full two days during which Dr Palacci treated twelve cases, with life implant installations in all patients, from single teeth to full mouth rehabilitations including hard tissue grafting and sinus augmentations.

What did we learn?

The main benefit from the two days’ learning was the use of newer bio materials, which have an excellent track record due to extensive research. Dr Palacci used to carry out bone grafting, harvesting bone from the patient, which is a very traumatic procedure. This has now been simplified by the use of materials which are widely available, very safe to use, but give very predictable and consistent results, simplifying treatment for patients.

It was also impressive that he used platelet-rich fibrin, which is the patient’s own blood which is centrifuged to separate all of the goodness from the blood and this is reintroduced back into the wound areas. Again, this has been shown to massively improve healing in terms of rate of healing and reduction in pain and discomfort.

Finally, we picked up lots of top tips on techniques and instruments.

On return from the course we have invested in a centrifuge and using PRF in all our surgical cases.This has been shown to improve healing, speed up healing times and reduce rates of infection.

I have also ordered a full set of Palacci instruments so that we are able to mimic most or all of the approaches to treatment that he demonstrated to us.

This course has been hugely beneficial to us and will and already is influencing the way we practice implant dentistry. I hope that as a result of this we will be able to treat more cases with very simple approaches, and even in cases with almost no bone, we now have solutions to be able to predictably offer patients solutions that do not have to involve dentures.

Furthermore, patients need not be fearful, as the newest generation of materials, techniques and approaches and the use of PRF in our work reduces the amount of pain and swelling, and I think that this will really revolutionise what we can do for patients.

No course in France would be complete without sampling some of France’s wonderful cuisine and great wine, and Dr Palacci and his team did not disappoint in this respect; the hospitality of our hosts was quite exceptional. We all returned enthused after a great scientific and educational course with some social interaction.

In November, James and Nick are scheduled to go to South Africa to meet with Greg Boyes-Varley and Dale Hows. They will be looking at full mouth rehabilitation using new implant systems with incredibly sophisticated clever engineering, again to make treatment approach simpler, easier and more accessible for many more patients. They are able to treat cases with very complicated anatomy that previously had just not been feasible to treat.

Look out for their update following their return in mid-November.

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