one visit dentistry

One Visit Dentistry

New specialist technology now allows your dentist to produce and create your crowns and inlays in a single visit.

Your dentist will use a specially designed camera to capture an image of your tooth, surrounding teeth and gums. They will then create and design your new crown using specialist technology, allowing them to match thedesired shade and shape.

Once design is complete our inhouse CEREC milling machine will then produce the crown bespoke for you allowing you to leave the practice with a smile on your face on the same day.

CEREC milling machine

Benefits of the Cerec system:

  • Single visit – the complete treatment from preparation to fit in one day
  • Tooth coloured – colour matched ceramic blocks and simulates natural enamel
  • Minimal tooth removal – design conserves natural tooth structure
  • Fracture resistant – milled ceramic blocks are harder than conventional inlays
  • No Temporaries – No need to have these in your mouth for two weeks
  • Biocompatible – Minimal irritation to the gums
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