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Dental Implant Supporting Procedures

Sinus lift

Your dentist will determine whether this complex treatment is required at your initial assessment. A sinus lift may be required in some cases if there is insufficient bone in the molar area of your upper jaw, or if the sinuses are too close to the surface. Sinus lifts make placing implants in this area possible by lifting and filling the sinus cavity with a bone material this helps to regenerate the area.Depending on individual needs this is usually left to develop for several months before your implants can be placed.

At Horbury Dental Care our dentists Mark, Nick and James have many years of experience with performing sinus lifts and have successfully placed thousands of dental implants.

Regenerative procedure

Your dentist may recommend a regenerative procedure when the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed due to failing teeth. These procedures can reverse some of the damage by regenerating the lost bone and tissue.Membranes (filters), bone or tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue.We selected our chosen material following extensive experience and research.

Bone Grafting

With rare exceptions this treatment is not often required however when a lot of bone has been lost at the front of your upper or lower jaw, it is occasionally necessary to re build this area using a source of your own bone. Bone is harvested usually from the back of your mouth and attached to the area of concern. It is then left to develop for several months before implants can be placed. Bone grafting is a highly skilled procedure and several techniques have been developed your dentist will advise you of the associated risks and benefits.

With his wealth of experience Mark Willings is highly regarded in performing this complex treatment. Lorna our implant co-ordinator is also on hand to offer any advice, support and guidance even if it is just for a coffee and a chat.

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