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Full Mouth Reconstruction

In some circumstances patients find themselves with no teeth, or a set of failing teeth.

We have made it possible to completely restore your smile. It is the gold standard treatment for replacing several or all your missing teeth. At Horbury Dental Care our implant dentists follow a specific protocol to determine whether our ‘Fast and Fixed’ method of full arch reconstruction would be suitable for you. X-rays and 3D imaging is used along with precision planning and design.

What is the process if I need all my teeth replacing?

On the day of treatment any remaining failing teeth are removed so that several implants (usually 4-6) can be placed, all done with sedation so that you are completely at ease whilst your treatment is underway. The implants, once in place provide the support for your new provisional bridge. The bridge is fixed in place using small screws so not removable to you but removable by your dentist for maintenance.

This bridge is in situ temporarily until healing has occurred. This phase cannot be rushed it takes time and care. There is rarely a need to do so as you have already got an excellent set of teeth, placed on the same day as your implants.

The healing time can vary from patient to patient. Once the dentist is satisfied this has been achieve, the provisional bridge will be replaced with a highly durable permanent bridge. Meaning from the day you have your implants placed you will be smiling with confidence.

Once the desired result has been achieved we will continue to see you annually to ensure your gum and bone health is maintained to the highest standard.

How will I be cared for?

Throughout your experience at Horbury Dental Care you will be cared for by our team of dentists with a special interest in dental implants, skilled nurses, and technicians. Lorna our implant co-ordinator is also on hand to offer any advice, support and guidance even if it is just for a coffee and a chat.

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