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Horbury Dental Implants

08, Jun 2017

Teeth should last a lifetime, but sometimes they just don’t. when a tooth is damaged, decayed or falls out it is important that you get it replaced. It is important for your health and your self-confidence. Whilst you obviously lose chewing ability... Read More

5 Top Hygiene Tips

26, May 2017

Most people want to take the best care of their teeth most also realise that regular check-ups at the dentist are important. Whilst this is undoubtedly a good step to take when looking after your teeth, there are other things that you should also be ... Read More

Horbury Dental Care Hold Easter Raffle

11, Apr 2017

With Easter just around the corner, Horbury Dental Care is holding an Easter raffle for our patients, with the chance to win a hamper full of great treats for the holiday period. This is the first of many events that Horbury Dental Care are carrying... Read More

Cold sore Advice

07, Apr 2017

Most of us can claim to have had, or at least encountered a cold sore before. A cold sore is a small fluid filled blister type sore which can occur on your lips and around the mouth. They are usually preceded by a burning or itching sensation where t... Read More

SMILE!! And be ready for your close up

16, Mar 2017

Horbury Dental Care provide state-of-the-art general and cosmetic dentistry. The team use the latest advancements in dental technology to deliver high quality premium procedures. Horbury Dental care offer a wide range of services and treatments. Ful... Read More

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