Suresmile Aligners Conference

Mark Willings
21, Nov 2022

I was recently invited out to Malaga for the Suresmile Key Opinion Leader Conference which was a chance for all the top providers in Europe to meet and discuss new ideas. Part of the conference was dedicated to product development to ensure the aligners remain at the cutting edge of technology, and to make them even more efficient and wearable for patients.


We discussed some advanced aligner cases to enable us to treat even the most complex teeth straightening patients with aligners. The last part of the day was all about public speaking and presentation skills because part of being a Key Opinion Leader involves teaching Suresmile Aligners to other dentists. A lot of this has been over zoom so far due to covid but more and more is happening face to face.


It wasn’t all work though and we had a bit of downtime to enjoy the sites in Malaga and experience some of the amazing food and wine! Great to finally meet some of the talented dentists from all over the world that I’ve been listening to lecture on stage for years.

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By Francois Vannerem

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