What is involved with Straightening Teeth?

What is involved with Straightening Teeth?
Mark Willings
06, Dec 2016

Most people are not endowed with straight teeth that are perfectly aligned and for many, it results in feelings of low self-esteem. Besides the issue of the teeth being aesthetically unpleasant when they are crooked, some people even find chewing certain food harder, while others are not able to properly clean their teeth, leading to other dental problems. However, with an effective teeth straightening treatment, you should be able to get your healthy teeth and smile back.

What is Teeth Straightening Treatment?

Have you ever wondered why certain people have such great straight teeth? In most cases, these people have undergone teeth straightening treatment since, malocclusion, which refers to crooked or misaligned teeth, is a universal problem. This means that nearly everyone in the world will experience some type of malocclusion in their lives. Nevertheless, there are several teeth straightening options available to correct this problem including dental braces, teeth crowns, teeth veneers or a teeth straightening surgical procedure.

Major Types of Tooth Straightening Procedures

Dental braces – Straightening teeth with orthodontic or dental braces involves placing small brackets on all the teeth, and the brackets are then joined together using a wire. It is the most common type of tooth straightening procedure as it is non-invasive and cheap to use. The downside is that treatment can take more than a year to complete, and you will also need to regularly wear braces afterwards to keep your teeth straight.

Teeth crowns and teeth veneers – These two are the fastest options to use when straightening teeth. Technically speaking, this treatment option will not straighten teeth (root and crown); instead it works by masking the part of the teeth that is visible and makes it appear straight. Crooked teeth are trimmed back, and crowns or veneers that have the correct alignment and shape are placed on top of them, thus creating straight teeth.

Teeth straightening surgery – For patients with skeletal deficiencies who cannot use dental braces alone for teeth straightening, surgery is usually recommended. Some of the major skeletal issues include jaw discrepancies and cleft palate. It is a highly invasive treatment that is done by experienced surgeons. The period of treatment is also quite long since it requires dental braces both for preparing for surgery and maintaining straight teeth after surgery.

When it comes to tooth straightening, there is simply no fixed solution that is best for everyone. Every individual case must be assessed carefully by your dentist before you make the decision as to which treatment option to use. You should also consider the cost and also the advantages and risks related to each procedure.

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