Dental Tourism – is it safe and what are the risks of turning toothache into a holiday?

Dental Tourism – is it safe and what are the risks of turning toothache into a holiday?
Mark Willings
18, Jun 2018

Dental Tourism – a trend that is rapidly on the up. Lots of people wants a perfect smile and some want a quick fix for their oral health. Many people are now choosing to go abroad instead of a trip to their local dentist. With ever increasing costs and lengthy waiting times here in the UK it may come as no surprise that some people are attracted to an all-inclusive package with a 5-star hotel, flight and an ultimate smile make over or just simply to have their teeth fixed and filled.

Medical and Dental tourism is becoming more and more accessible to the public due to availability online and growing social media campaigns.

Before deciding on something as life changing as this, we have put together some handy hints and tips to make you aware of, before you pack your suitcase and hand over both your passport and your precious teeth!

  • Be sure to do your research. Dentists in the UK must be registered with the General Dental Council we can’t guarantee that there will be similar governing bodies in other countries.
  • Be prepared – Ask lots of questions.
  • Ask about insurance and guarantees. Unfortunately, you may find that some work may not be guaranteed.
  • The UK is strictly regulated to protect your welfare – beware as other countries may not be!
  • It can be more expensive if only a small amount of treatment is required – especially with the addition of costs such as flights and accommodation.
  • Check the length of the process as you may find you need multiple trips to complete all treatment.
  • If you find yourself with issues or problems on your return, it could end up costing you the money you have saved taking that trip abroad.
  • You may find there is a lack in communication such as language barriers or even cultural differences.
  • You may find that standards not the same as we set here in the UK.

Just remember before taking a step into the myriad of dental tourism be sure to do your research. The GDC offer some great advice for anyone considering jetting off to swap toothache for a holiday.

At Horbury Dental Care we pride ourselves on providing first class treatment in a relaxed and friendly environment. We treat every patient individually and will create a treatment plan bespoke for you. Our extensive team of dental care professionals use the latest advanced technology to deliver premium quality dental treatments. Our greatest priority is to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile whilst ensuring your complete comfort and satisfaction.

It doesn’t end there. We can help you with costs too, any treatment which is proposed can be paid for as treatment progresses, meaning that there are no bulky upfront costs to pay before we start. We can also offer a finance plan which can help spread the cost to suit you.

What’s more we’ve been in the dental industry now for over 75 years – this must be the reassurance you need to stop you packing your tooth brush into your suitcase for a dental holiday.

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