How to avoid bad breath

How to avoid bad breath
Mark Willings
18, Jun 2018

We have all had a moment where we find ourselves with smelly breath. Its normal, but there are ways to avoid it. We have complied some hints and tips to help you keep your breath feeling and tasting fresh.

  • Food
    Garlic, curry, onion & fish. Just some of the foods that might make your breath smell. These all have a strong odour which often lingers on your breath for a few hours or even into the following day. Carrying a toothbrush around with you can often help and a quick trip to the bathroom to use it can help alleviate the effects.
  • Drinks
    Drinking heavily caffeinated or alcoholic drinks can often leave you with a dry mouth, which causes you to have bad breath. The dryness allows bacteria to grow without the saliva washing it away. Regularly drinking water helps to fight the germs causing the bad odours and will alleviate you of the bad breath associated with a dry mouth.
  • Sugar Free Gum
    Chewing sugar free gum can help freshen your mouth. By chewing the gum you are stimulating your saliva to wash away any food particles which have been stuck in your teeth, reducing the smell caused by the food.
  • Good Oral Hygiene.
    This is the gold standard of any bad breath method, hint or tip. A good oral health routine will help you to keep your breath smelling fresh. It will also mean that any dental decay or diseases are picked up on before it is too late. Make sure you have a good routine of thoroughly brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, followed by flossing or interdental cleaning. This will help to remove any food or debris which has wedged between your teeth and gums. You should also visit your dentist regularly for an examination so that your dentist can check your oral health.

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