New Year – New You & Help Save the Planet!

Mark Willings
15, Jan 2019

Stop and think before you throw away your old, frayed plastic toothbrush!!

In a world full of plastic chaos we are all gradually beginning to think more about the items we use and the impact it has on global warming, wildlife & life in general. With this in mind Horbury Dental Care have pledged to reduce the amount of plastic used in practice. It is going to be a challenge, we know! But we are determined to make every little change make a difference.

To begin our journey into a world of less plastic we thought about our trusty old tooth brush. We all recognise that to brush your teeth effectively we need a toothbrush to do the job and as dental professionals we would recommend you replace your brush every 3-4 months. That’s a lot of brushes in a life time! Let’s do the maths:

  • Using 4 toothbrushes a year
  • For 100 years
  • Would equate to a massive 400 toothbrushes in our lifetime.

With this in mind how can you make a change?

Our first top tip is to reuse &upcycle your toothbrush. Here we have some great ideas on how you can upcycle your used toothbrush.


  • Clean the house – Use it to clean taps, edges, skirting boards, nooks & crannies.
  • Apply your hair dye – Use it to apply hair dye on those hard to reach places.
  • Clean your nails – swap your nail brush for your toothbrush
  • Clean the office – toothbrushes are great for cleaning the spaces between your keyboard.
  • Paint –Let your children get creative and give them a toothbrush and some paint pots
  • Cleaning Jewellery – toothbrushes are great for cleaning between links, chains and gems.
  • Clean your shoes – use it to spruce up your muddy boots
  • Clean your Kitchen & Bathroom – use it to clean the grout on your kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Alternatively you can buy bamboo toothbrushes, which are bio degradable and Eco friendly, available widely on the internet. You can find them at:

Don’t bin it! Help us achieve our goal and think when you brush.

Reuse – Recycle – Upcycle

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