Mark Willings
16, Nov 2018

Living in an era of social media, people have never been more aware of their appearance and treatments available to correct, balance or enhance their concerns.

Facesthetics was introduced to the practice by one of our dentists last year who has an interest in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to complement the treatments on offer as a dental practitioner.

“As a dentist I understand the aesthetic importance of symmetry and harmony of a patients face.At facesthetics we endeavour to balance and enhance your facial features in a sympathetic way so you look and feel your best”
– Helen Davison BDS MFDS RCSEd

All treatments we offer are non-surgical and non-permanent which means the treatments can adapt with you and your concerns. Many of the treatments carried out use prescription only medications and need prescribing by a qualified practitioner (dentist, doctor, nurse prescriber or pharmacist). It is important should you go ahead with facial aesthetic treatments that you are aware of the qualifications of the practitioner you choose. If they aren’t qualified to prescribe the treatment that you are going to have, ensure that you have also been assessed by the person responsible for the prescription.

Facial Aesthetics

We currently offer the following treatments;

  • Anti-wrinkle / Muscle relaxing injections
  • Dermal (Skin) fillers
  • Lip fillers
  • Tear trough fillers (dark circles under the eyes)
  • Cheek fillers
  • Gummy Smile treatments

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