What is a dental implant?

What is a dental implant?
Mark Willings
26, Sep 2016

What is a Dental Implant?

The truth is that dental medicine, as well as regular one, is improving by leaps in bonds every single day. New and new solutions are found which make the life of patients a lot easier. One of these solutions is the dental implants. These are particularly advantageous applications as they are capable of providing you with means of battling tooth loss which is something that a lot of people are suffering from.

Things to Consider

The reasons for this are various. For some particular reason, we tend to forget about our dental hygiene, and we don’t take it as serious as we need to. This is absolutely counter-productive as it’s capable of leading to some severe complications. In any case, the loss of teeth might also be caused by decay or some particular health condition. Regardless of the particular reason, it’s absolutely crucial to handle this matter as promptly as you can and also as professionally.

Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions amongst people seems to be that if you get older, you won’t be able to take advantage of dental implants as your bone structure won’t support it. The truth is far from this. Your age is completely irrelevant when it comes to using a dental implant. In fact, it’s highly recommended for older people to take into consideration this particular option as it might provide them with the solution they are looking for. Getting a dental implant constructed is going to provide them with stronger bite which may allow them to eat better as this is something that gets harder as the age advances. It’s also going to provide them with a lot of confidence which would allow them to lead a far more active social life.

The Process of Creating an Implant

The process of creating a dental implant, however, is rather complicated. The dentist is first going to make sure that the teeth on both sides of the gap resulted from the lost tooth are properly shaped so that he can mount the crowns. Once he is done with this, he is going to take an impression of the gap and the surrounding teeth and send this to the laboratory in order to get an exact match of an artificial tooth. Once he gets this, which is known as a bridge, he’s going to mount the dental implant. This is a surgical operation, and not all dentists are going to be able to and allowed to carry this out. This is why you should consult with one of the dentists at Horbury Dental Care in advance in order to know whether or not he is going to be able to handle it. If he’s not, he could refer you to a professional who could get it done.

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