Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?
Mark Willings
23, Aug 2016

Dental implants offer an excellent solution for missing teeth. They act as an anchor that provides better support and stability, as well as reassure the wearer. That’s why dentists today recommend dental implants over dentures. If you are still undecided with dental implants, then below are some of its advantages over dentures and other treatments.

Looks like Natural Teeth

A dental implant restores your teeth so that it feels looks and functions like a natural one. It is stable and strong that you might even forget that they are there. Dentures can result to bone deterioration, and interfere with smiling, eating, speaking, and other things you do daily.

Live Life Worry-Free

Your self-esteem will improve because you don’t need to be conscious about your smile, or worry about missing some of your teeth. With dental implants, you will be able to do stuff that are impossible with removable dentures. Dentures can become loose and fall out while eating, laughing or even just talking. When you have dental implants, you gain full control of your life again.

Protect Healthy Bone

Losing one or more teeth can result to other health issues that include the deterioration of the jawbone. When it doesn’t support natural teeth, the jawbone weakens and loses its firmness. Dental implants preserve natural bone, and at the same time stimulate bone growth. Using dentures only can lead to bone loss.

Speak Normally

When you have dental implants, you will be able to speak in a normal manner. Because the implants function like natural teeth, you can easily pronounce the words and don’t worry about the dentures falling out.

No Cavities

Cavities can’t develop in an implant-restored crown. However, you still need to have it clean and maintain through regular visits to the dental office. You also need to observe good oral hygiene just like natural teeth.

Protect Healthy Teeth

Dentures can grind with both sides of the missing teeth, which damage them. Dental implants prevent the grinding from taking place, and will not impact healthy teeth. And at the same time, the nearby teeth will not be shifting because there is no empty space for long periods of time.

Keep Replacement Tooth in Place

Dentures can slip when you smile, kiss, laugh, yawn, cough, talk, and eat. You need to reposition the dentures back into place. On the other hand, dental implants are permanently fixed into place. It fuses naturally with the jawbone, which means that the replacement teeth will not click, shift, or move.

These are the advantages of choosing dental implants over dentures. There’s no need to worry about falling dentures anymore. With implants, you will have replacement teeth that look and feel like the ones you have lost.

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