Facethetics at Horbury Dental Care

Helen Davison
09, Aug 2023

Did you know we offer facial aesthetic treatments at Horbury Dental Care?

Now, don’t lose interest and stop reading – aesthetics isn’t about middle-aged women wanting a smooth forehead or youngsters in their 20’s wanting a trout pout.

Your eyes and smile are the two features you first notice. Hollow eyes, dark circles, and eye bags all give a perception of tiredness; similarly, thin lips which are asymmetric or disappear to reveal a gummy/high smile, can be something someone is self-conscious of – both concerns have treatments which don’t require surgical interventions.

Aesthetic treatments are a non-surgical alternative treatment that should be considered for patients about to improve their smile. Given you want to improve your appearance, undoubtedly it’s wise to consider the frame in which your smile hangs – you’re only going to notice it more once we have improved your smile, and the frame (your face) should complement it!

As a dentist, we look at your facial proportions when we assess your teeth. We look at how your nose, lips and chin sit in alignment together and how these develop in your teenage years. We look at your facial features and how your lips frame your teeth – how much tooth is visible, if the teeth support the lips and if the lips are balanced, symmetrical and proportionate.

Non-surgical treatment options can often correct asymmetry to the facial features, eg. the lips, increase volume which maybe naturally lacking, eg. a set back chin, restore contours and eliminate bumps, e.g. the nose and soften the signs of ageing.  These treatments often have fewer risks and less downtime when compared to their surgical counterparts but it’s vital that you have a thorough, personalised consultation with me before embarking upon any treatment, as I always want to ensure you get the absolute best results.

As a dentist for 12 years and an interest in aesthetics for six years, I aim to give patients subtle treatments that reveal a refreshed version of them. It is not to rewind the clock twenty years or freeze and overfill your face to look like a shocked puffer fish. The results I achieve are largely unnoticed by those around you – other than them commenting that you look well!

At Facesthetics, I am committed to providing top-quality care and outstanding natural-looking results. I employ the latest techniques, products and procedures to ensure a tailored treatment plan that meets your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Visit www.facesthetics.co.uk for more information on the treatments offered or call 01924 211 234 to arrange your consultation at Horbury Dental Care.

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