Teeth Whitening – don’t always believe what you see on the internet

Teeth Whitening
Mark Willings
18, Jun 2018

These days we often find ourselves on our phones browsing the net, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

Our staff often find themselves doing just this during their lunch break. Whilst scrolling through videos of people doing pranks and joke memes, you may well see the latest whitening treatments endorsed by the winner of the latest reality TV show. Or perhaps you will see TV and reality stars flashing a ‘perfect smile’ which comes in the form of clip in veneers.As dental care professionals we can advise you that there’s very little to NO scientific evidence that these tooth whitening or DIY home remedy methods work, and some could even be harmful!When we give advice about your teeth and gums at the practice it is based on years of scientific research on the subject and the vast experience and training of our qualified dental care professionals, not on the word of the latest winner of Love Island or Big Brother.

One thing to bear in mind which many people don’t realise is that it is illegal in the UK for anyone other than a dental care professional to administer tooth whitening. Tooth whitening offered by beauticians or other sources is illegal and potentially damaging for your teeth.

Just remember the internet is good fun, but it does contain a myriad of misinformation. Stay safe and speak to the professionals.So please, if you have any queries about anything dental related talk to us.

We recommend you see a dentist regularly, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a chat with us, or if there’s something you’re really concerned about then call our friendly reception team on 01924 211234

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