Mark Willings
18, Jun 2018

Overcome your fears at Horbury Dental Care

Are you afraid of the dentist? Have you had a bad experience at a previous dentist and now feel anxious? Are you worried about having a tooth extraction or root canal? Don’t suffer in pain. Come and see us at Horbury dental care for your dental treatment.

We appreciate many people feel nervous or anxious about attending the dentist. In fact, one in ten people are so worried that they avoid visiting the dentist purely because of this.

At Horbury Dental Care we offer a sedation service to help our nervous or anxious patients feel completely relaxed. Sedation helps to put you at ease whilst undergoing either routine or complex treatments.

Here are a few feelings you may experience if you have sedation:

  • Sleepy & Relaxed
  • Unaware of the dental treatment you are receiving
  • The feeling of anxiety will disappear
  • The following day you may not remember the procedure.
  • You can respond & communicate with others.

Our associate dentist Kirsty has a special interest in treating patients who are very nervous and anxious. She is a mum of two and has worked at the practice now for over ten years. She has a very calm and reassuring nature and enjoys getting to know her patients so that their dental experience is unique to them.


Throughout your treatment Kirsty will take the time to ensure you are comfortable and calm whilst being understanding and encouraging.

Call our reception team for more information and book a consultation to meet Kirsty: 01924 211234

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