Straightening your teeth can help with confidence

Mark Willings
27, Jan 2017

Whilst straightening teeth allows a patient to achieve their desired smile, this is not the only benefit of treatment. As well as improving a smile, realignment work can also transform people’s lives by increasing their confidence and allowing them to live life to the full.

For many people, growing up with misaligned teeth has had a serious effect on their confidence and self-esteem. From being bullied at school to being made fun of by peers, patients will often have faced daily jokes about their teeth leading to embarrassment as well as increasing feelings of self-consciousness. These experiences often result in avoidance behaviour, for example not wanting to be in groups photos or covering the mouth with a hand during conversations or presentations.

Whilst these feelings amongst patients are common and affect everyday life, they are rarely talked about even with close family and friends, meaning that the upset caused is often not shared. We understand that the decision to have your teeth straightened is a big one and our experienced staff are here to listen to you and your situation and help you take the steps needed to transform your smile.

The benefits of teeth straightening are wide ranging. Not shying away in photographs anymore and smiling at every opportunity are just two of the ways in which our patients’ lives have changed after treatment. Others have told us about how not worrying about having to hide their teeth now has boosted their confidence at work as well as socially too. Their self-confidence has increased as has their happiness due to no longer worrying about their teeth on a day to day basis. Many talk about how they wish they had treatment sooner due to the positive effect is has had on their life and self-esteem.

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